Madison County Nature Trail - A Park for All Sesons

This is a panoramic view of the Sky Lake located atop Green Mountain in Southeast Huntsville. The original images were made up by the following 6 pictures. They were stitched together using the software downloaded from Panorama Factory. Please click on the image above to see the larger image. 

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The entrance

Cambron Covered Bridge

Yes, I'm alone!

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South East Huntsville as seen from the Four Mile Post Road new extension.

Foggy morning at the POIC parking lot.

The zoomed image of the picture on the left. The Test Tower [ 1 ][ 2 ][ 3 ] of the Marshall Space Flight Center can be seen at the horizon.

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[compressed image]

[compressed image]

[compressed image]

Turtles under the Cambron Covered Bridge

 From time to time, I will add new pictures, so please come back!

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