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See the Varsity State Qualifiers Page for the list of schools qualifying for the ASCA High School State Tournament which will be held at Jefferson State Community College on Friday, April 13.









Fields have been set for the ASCA State Tournaments to be held at Hoover High School on February 24.  Check here to see the complete list of teams qualifying for each tournament:

    Junior Varsity State

    Middle School State

    Elementary School Open












ASCA rules have been reorganized and divided into a set of procedures explaining how we organize and run tournaments and a set of rules governing match play.  Download both now:












Rules Changes for 2018:

  • Elimination of Worksheet for HS
  • Addition of Third Bonus for HS
  • Elimination of Penalty for Failure to Put Team Name on Back of Worksheet for Middle Schools
  • Penalty for Teams Leaving a Tournament Early/ Forfeit for Teams That Are No-Shows












What's New!

The ASCA Elementary School Open, Middle School State Tournament, and Junior Varsity State Tournament will be held at Hoover High School on Saturday, February 24.