UMC Motherboard


  • "WRITE BACK" The lettering is a Black glossy print and hard to read. It looks white in this picture because the light is reflecting off of the letters.
  • Disclaimer: These pictures of the UMC mother board containing the "FAKE L2 CACHE" are intended for EXAMPLE ONLY. It is not the intent of the author to discredit UMC ChipSets or the UMC name, nor do I discourage the purchase of such mother boards (I now have a "good" MB with Real CACHE and the UMC chipSet). The purpose of this page is to pass on the information we have gathered. The "fake CACHE" has been found on different makes of mother boards. You may distribute freely.

    Please keep this disclaimer intact if you wish to add these pics to you Web page.
    We're in the NEWS.....
    See the SRAM scam for more......
    Here's a story of bad RAM turned good from the UK.
    Get and check your motherboard for fake cache!
    Check outBLACK LIST(Bad boys tisk, tisk, tisk).
    Check outUser forum area for FAKE CACHE stories
    Or do the YAHOO!
    Please email with comments and corrections.
    I recieve about one e-mail a week for information about the motherboard I no longer own. Please do not send me questions about the motherboard.
    Thank you, Andy.

    first up date May 6, 1996, Last up date July 10, 1997