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Allison's home page.
Allison Smith  - with her brothers (from top) - Dee, Scott, Brent, Bryan, Martin, Warren, and Owen.

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Allison's home page.
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Allison and Mike - Thanksgiving 2000. Thanksgiving 2000 -- Judy and Allison. Allison and Mike - Thanksgiving Day 2001. Mike and Allison Click - Thanksgiving 2001.
My Parents with all of the Grandchildren -- Bennett, Sarah, Erin, and Marc (held by Judy). Judy and MD Thanksgiving 2001 - Judy is (holding Maggie). Mike and Allison -- Easter 2001. Me with all of my brothers Thanksgiving 2001 -- (from left to right starting with back row) Warren, Owen, Scott, Martin, Bryan, Dee, Allison, Brent.
Our group photo -- Easter 2001. MD, Judy, and all of their children. Bryan, Warren, Martin, Allison, Brent, Owen, Scott, and Dee. Mike and Allison -- get something to eat.

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