Early Amos 'N' Andy
Thanks to Lowell who provided the information on Correll & Gosden's
Victor Discography

Prior to the creation of  Amos and Andy, Charles Correll and Freeman Gosden developed and performed the characters "Sam 'n' Henry"  between January 12, 1926 and August 19, 1929.  Because of prior contractual arrangements, WGN in Chicago would not let Correll & Gosden use the names "Sam 'n' Henry" when Correll & Gosden began broadcasting nationally.  The solution? The characters "Sam 'n' Henry" changed their names to "Amos 'n' Andy", changed their original homes from Birmingham, Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia, and transferred membership from the "Jewels of the Crown" lodge to the "Mystic Knights of the Sea".  Both duos went to Chicago, but Amos and Andy eventually came to reside in New York.  And by the way, the Fresh Air Taxicab company was first formed in Chicago as well.  Very little of Correll & Gosden's work prior to Amos 'n' Andy exists today.  However, they did record some performances as Sam 'n' Henry for Victor Records as well as some musical arrangements.  Two books were also published, "Sam 'n' Henry" and "Here they are = Amos 'n' Andy" which relate adventurous accounts of the lives of both duos.


Victor Discography Of Correll and Gosden 

Date  -  Master/Take   Title  Location/Issue
Dec 20 1925 - Correll and Gosden - vocal duets (Chicago)
              34058-2         Blinky Moon Bay Unissued
              34059-2         The Kinky Kids' Parade Unissued
Mar 02 1926 - Correll and Gosden - vocal duets (Chicago)
              34578-5         All I Want To Do 19986
              34579-5         Let's Talk About My Sweetie 19986
Apr 20 1926 - Sam 'n' Henry - humorous dialogue (New York)
              35328-3         Sam 'Phoning His Sweetheart Liza In Birmingham 20032
              35329-2         At The Dentist  20032
              35330-3         At The Shooting Gallery Unissued
May 26 1926 - Correll and Gosden - vocal duets (Chicago)
              35056-3         Roundabout Way To Heaven 20088
              35057-3         That's Why I Love You 20088
              35058-3         Where's You Get Those Eyes Unissued
              35059-3         Georgianna 20107
              35060-2         When The Red, Red Robin Comes Bob-Bob-Bobbin' Along Unissued
May 27 1926 - Sam 'n' Henry - humorous dialogue (Chicago)
              35066-2         Sam's Speech At The Colored Lodge 20093
              35067-2         Sam 'n' Henry Buying Insurance 20375
              35068-3         Sam 'n' Henry Rollin' The Bones 20375
May 28 1926 - Sam 'n' Henry - humorous dialogue (Chicago)
              35073-3         Sam 'n' Henry At The Fortune Teller's 20093
Sep 25 1926 - Correll and Gosden - vocal duets (Chicago - Webster Hotel)
              36406-4         Meadow Lark 20286
              36407-2         Just A Bird's-Eye View Of My Old Kentucky Home Unissued
Sep 29 1926 - Correll and Gosden - vocal duets (Chicago - Webster Hotel)
              36432-3         I Never Knew What The Moonlight Could Do 20324
              36433-3         Elsie Schultz-en-Heim 20255
              36434-3         I Just Wanna Be Known As Susie's Feller 20255
              36435-3         Kiss Your Little Baby Goodnight 20286
Oct 07 1926 - Sam 'n' Henry - humorous dialogue (Chicago - Webster Hotel)
              36448-2         Sam 'n' Henry In Court (Violating Traffic Regulations) Unissued
              36449-2         Sam 'n' Henry Driving In Traffic Unissued
Jul 06 1927 - Correll and Gosden - vocal duets (Chicago)
              39084-3         Gorgeous 20826
              39085-3         No Wonder I'm Happy 20908
              39086-2         Somebody And Me 20908
              39087-3         Who Is Your Who 20826
Jul 06 1927 - Sam 'n' Henry - humorous dialogue (Chicago)
              39088-3         Playing Poker Unissued
              39089-2         Explaining Expenses Unissued
Jul 07 1927 - Sam 'n' Henry - humorous dialogue (Chicago)
              39092-2         The Morning After The Night Before - Part 1 20788
              39093-2         The Morning After The Night Before - Part 2 20788
Dec 04 1927 - Correll and Gosden - vocal duets (Chicago)
              41312-3         Changes Unissued
              41313-3         What'll You Do 21143
              41314-3         Oh! Look At That Baby 21143
              41315-3         Liza Unissued
Dec 08 1927 - Sam 'n' Henry - humorous dialogues (Chicago)
              41347-3         The Doctor Calls On Sam Unissued
              41348-2         Henry Talks To Sam On Business Unissued
Jul 17 1928 - Amos 'n' Andy - humorous dialogue (Chicago)
              46424-2         Is Everybody In Your Family As Dumb As You Is - Part 1 22119
              46425-1         Is Everybody In Your Family As Dumb As You Is - Part 2 22119
              46426-2         The Presidential Election - Part 1 21608
              46427-2         The Presidential Election - Part 2 21608
Nov 22 1929 - Amos 'n' Andy - humorous dialogue (Chicago)
              57444-2         At The Bullfight 22234
              57445-2         The Dairy 22234
Apr 04 1930 - Amos 'n' Andy - humorous dialogue (Chicago)
              59915-2         I'se Regusted (Take Off That Shoe) 22393
              59916-3         Check And Double Check 22393

The source for this info is a long out of print copy of Brian Rust's "The Victor Master Book - Vol. 2", 1969.

Note that the take numbers show only the highest take made at a session, not necessarily the take chosen for issue. The take number may be determined by holding the record as you would when reading the label and looking for a small one or two digit number in the "wax" between the label and the grooves at the 9 o'clock position.

The master numbers for Apr 20 1926 may seem out of order from the rest but that is because that session took place in New York and that studio was using a different log book than was being used in Chicago.

Concerning the mention to the Webster Hotel in a couple of these sessions: It was common in those days for record companies to use Hotel ballrooms or other similiar locations for recording as these generally had good acoustics and in these early days of electrical recording the record companies had not yet built their own studios in many locations. These are not "live" recordings.

Unissued means that that selection has not been issued by Victor although sometimes these things show up on a pirate issue. And of course they may no longer exist or  they may be sitting in Victors vaults. The titles may differ also. Titles sometines get changed between recording and production.

"AMOS 'N' ANDY" / Radio's Sensational Song Hit / Lyrics by Wm. Tracey / Music by Jack Stanley

Verse 1.
There's a very fu-nny pair
Ev-'ry night they're on the air,
And fans are gath-ered ev-'ry where
A ra-di-o is han-dy
In homes or at the groc-'ry store
People listen in and roar,
They laugh un-til their sides are sore
At Am-os 'n' Andy.

Verse 2.
In the res-trant where you eat
In the cars or on the street,
Now ev-'ry-bo-dy that you meet
Has just one con-ver-sa-tion
Go east or west or north or south
They're in ev-'ry-bo-dy's mouth,
There's just one sub-ject talked a-bout
Through-out all the nation.

Am-os 'n' An-dy,
They're al-ways in a stew
Bad luck seems to fol-low them,
No mat-ter what they do.
The boys are al-ways try-ing
     but they nev-er save a bean
If King-fish does-n't get it
     then it's spent on Mad-ame Queen.
We laugh at all their trou-bles
But we hope they'll end all right
We won-der what Am-os 'n' An-dy
will do to-mor-row night.
Am-os 'n' An-dy,
What will their fin-ish be
This sus-pense is kill-ing us,
Such ner-vous wrecks are we.
Why ev-en old grand-mothers
     sit around in chairs and rock
As soon as din-ner's ov-er
     ev-'ry eye is on the clock.
This one important question
Has the na-tion sit-ting tight
We won-der what Am-os 'n' An-dy
will do to-mor-row night.
Am-os 'n' An-dy,
Al-tho' they're nev-er seen
They've be-come more fa-mous than
The team of Pork and Beans.
When you step on the gas or
     at a light you fail to stop
You hear that cer-tain whis-tle
     and up jumps a traf-fic cop.
His mind ain't on his bus'-ness
On the ticket he will write
I won-der what Am-os 'n' An-dy
will do to-mor-row night.