Some fokes is so anxious to git autyfrafs they let em write on their shirt fronts, or their cuffs.


...They say that's quite a fad out here, puttin' things on the cuff....Must be awful hard on the laundry, though.

We kin allus tell when there's a Pre-view, by lookin' out of our hotel winder. They's big lights flashin' in the sky. Everybody starts rushin' fer em jist like moths. We warn't no different from the rest. We started out one evening...walked fer four miles and when we finally got to the place where the lights was at, all we saw was a flock of airyplanes. The man told us we was in the wrong place, so we started back and come to a place where there was more spot lights, but their warn't no movie stars, jist a lot of fruits and vegetables. It was a new market bein' Previewed. Fokes must have bad eyesights hereabouts, they use spotlights for might nigh everything. We'd like to take one home fer Cedric to shine Possums with.

Natcherl...bein' strangers out here, we wanted to look up some old friends, and we tried fer days to call up one of the Arkansas movie stars on the telephone. He's from down home, and he's got hisself a good job movie actin in Hollywood. First off we looked up his name in the telephone book, but it warn't there, so we asked the operator to git it fer us, but she said she couldn't....

Seems like everybody keeps their phone numbers a secret. We finally met him on the street one day and he said he'd been tryin' to call us. He wanted our phone number but we didn't know what it was, offhand, on account of we never called ourselves up. So we asked the operator, and she wouldn't give it to us neither. Seems like fokes here gits chased by salesmen a lot, and that's why they ain't given to lettin' fokes have their phone numbers. Which ain't a bad idy at that. We're goin' to change our ring at the Jot-Em-Down Store and hide it, too. Then we can play checkers in peace, and not have Sister Simpson callin' up botherin' us fer groceries.

The Coconut Grove is sure different than anything we got in Pine Ridge. Now take down home, when we build a house, we clear all the trees away first, but at the Coconut Grove there's trees growing right inside...they build the house over them. We were told we could eat there, but we didn't care much for coconuts. But to our surprise we got the best meal of our life.


We went to the most famous night club in Hollywood. There is a man standing out in front with a awful fancy lodge uniform on, but you don't have to give no pass word to git in.

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