11th Month



30 Days

The name of November means nine, which comes from the same old-timey calendar we talked about awhile back. If your birthday is this month, you are probably a pretty lively person and got a long life ahead of you. Hits pretty certain also that you'll cast a vote and eat turkey in your birthday month.

Date Day moon signs Today in History or Thereabouts Birthday Predictions and Observations
1 Mo VI Getting fences home Day--1937 Today hits good policies to see you old fokes or visit the sick.
2 Tu LI Yesterday--1755--first big quake at Lisbon Try your durndest today to sell things, but let buying go till tomorrow.
3 We LI Sir Francis Drake home from world trip--1580 Good luck will come to your house today.
4 Th Li U.S. pays U. P. railroad fer first 40 mile--1865 You are going to lose a very importance letter.
5 Fr SC Poland become a republic--1916 A friend will break a promise to you today.
6 Sa SC Abe Lincoln elected--1860 See your doctor today (Doc Miller. veternary and pill specialist--Ad).
7 Su SA Bank rate--9 percent--1873 Big romance will break fer you today.
8 Mo SA Montana given statehood--1889 You are going on a trip over water--probly fishing.
9 Tu SA Big Boston fire--1872 Look out fer a red headed stranger who will try to make it hot fer you.
10 We CAP Lenin become boss of Russia--1917 Some arty person is going to make love to you.
11 Th CAP Big war up and stopped--1918 You will have big luck today, and some little childrens will hep you.
12 Fr AQ Everybody in the world said thank gosh--1918 Big change in sight fer you. and you will hear some friend is sick.
13 Sa AQ Heavy frost in Pine Ridge--1937 You will be invited to a sociable with some older fokes.
14 Su PI Feller found Pikes Peak--1800 A woman friend will hand you a contracts fer new business.
15 Mo PI Pikes Peak sold to New Yorker--1806 You are going to be puzzled today about making a trip.
16 Tu AR Oklahoma become a state--1907 You will still be puzzled today (fer gosh sakes, make yore mind up).
17 We AR Queen Mary I died--1558 You will get some public job and today is a good time to get engaged.
18 Th AR Belgians flood Flanders--1911 A ardent member of opposite sex will get after you today.
19 Fr AR Gettysburg Address by Lincoln--1863 People with a lot of money are friendly and will listen to your story.
20 Sa GE Settle-Fordney flight to stratosphere--1933 Fokes today get all up in the air over big wind bags.
21 Su GE German fleet quit--1918 A secret letter will make you happy today. But beware of women.
22 Mo CAN Big storm on Atlantic coast--1865 Lookout fer getting in law troubles today.
23 Tu CAN Lum expects letter from Evalina--1937 Be practical about business matters today, and don't take no sass.
24 We CAN Turkey and cranberry Day--1937 Day fer being thankful and glad fer what you got.
25 Th LE Quinnipiack (New Haven) bought from Indians--1638 A stranger will surprise you with a letter.
26 Fr LE In Flanders Fields potatoes grow--1650 You are in fer a big upset, but some money will arrive before night.
27 Sa VI Big fire at Taunton, Mass.,--1859 A woman friend is very devoted to you, and will help you today.
28 Su VI Big quake in New England--1814 You will be confused about something today, but listen to advice from older fokes.
29 Mo LI First snow fell here--1936 You are going on another journey.
30 Tu LI Sam Clemens (Mark Twain) borned--1835 Your house will get fixed today--we hope.