10th Month



31 Days

About the only thing we know fer sure about October is that hit comes between September and November, and that is has Holloween in it. October fokes have cheery natures, and are given to being charitable people. Childrens born this month are usual pretty happy all through life, except fer having to go to school on their birthdays.

Date Day moon signs Today in History or Thereabouts Birthday Predictions and Observations
1 Fr LE First steamer launched in U.S.--1807 Expect to hear a bunch of good news today.
2 Sa LE Major Andre was hung--1780 Not a good day to star off for fur places.
3 Su VI Snow in Alaska today--1937 Good day to hitch up team fer trip (See Caleb Wee-hunt. Fine horseshoeing--Ad).
4 Mo VI British win fight near Ypres--1917 Expect to hear good news about some old friend.
5 Tu VI Colonies adopt fourth article--1777 Lot of little troubles in store today that don't amount to nothing.
6 We LI Earthquake in England--1863 Good day fer advertising and promoting your own business.
7 Th LI Oliver Wendell Holmes died--1894 Fine day fer starting out places or fer staying at home.
8 Fr SC Big Chicago fire--1871 Good day to keep from getting overheated.
9 Sa SC Yugoslav King Assassinated in France--1931 Get into those business things you were thinking bout.
10 Su SC Panama Canal open fer biz--1915 Haul off and hit your work a lot of hard licks today.
11 Mo SA Big fall rain in Pine Ridge--1936 Things you do around the house today will prosper.
12 Tu SA Columbus got here at last--1192 Watch your step today.
13 We CAP Wm. Penn born--1644--O.S. Careful about what letters you write today.
14 Th CAP Battle of Hastings fit--1066--O.S. Good news corning today. Fine weather fer business.
15 Fr CAP Big Quebec fire--1866 Also another good business day or fer falling in love.
16 Sa AQ John Brown starts his insurrect--1859 This is a so-so day. Not much of one or tother.
17 Su AQ Germans git from Ostend--1918 Man with a big black beard will visit you.
18 Mo PI Ought to get frost here about this time Some friend is saying a lot of nice things about you.
19 Tu PI There was frost If you don't watch out, you'll be cantankerous as heck today .
20 We AR First national horse show. Mass.--1853 Toot your horn today, and you wil be a sucksess.
21 Th AR Battle of Trafalgar fit--1805 Nice day to start out on trip. You got one coming anyways.
22 Fr AR Seems like it ought to be Oct. 22 Private business and all kinds of work will find good going today.
23 SA AR Philadelphia harrycane--1878 Not much good fer anything as a day.
24 Su GE Dan'l Webster died--1852 Don't depend too much on that important news you will get today.
25 Mo GE Almanac day1936 Nice peaceful day. You will hear some nice things about a friend today.
26 Tu CAN Brazil wars on Germany--1917 There are better days than this to start out to travel places.
27 We CAN Navy day--Teddv Roosevelt borned--1858 Your friends will help you out in a favor you will look fer today.
28 Th LE Lum Edwards rode a elevator--1901 Some old woman will be a help to you today.
29 Fr LE Turks quit battle--1918 Make your decisions today in a hurry, because you'll have plenty of em to make.
30 Sa LE Day to pack well curb fer winter--1937 You got a serprise coming your way, and maybe a reverse.
31 Su VI Big flood on Ganges river--1876 A stranger will try to horn into your busness today.