9th Month



30 Days

September used to be the seventh month in old-timey calendars, but hit is the ninth month on ours. This is the time of year leaves usual start falling off trees, which aint got no bearing on the fact that fokes born in September are good thinkers, and that quite frequent they grow up to be school teachers.

Date Day moon signs Today in History or Thereabouts Birthday Predictions and Observations
1 We GE Planet Juno diskivered-- 1804 Prosperity seems to be jest around the corner fer you.
2 Th CAN London burned up-- 1666 Be on the, lookout fer good news today.
3 Fr CAN Napoleon III surrendered--1870 You got a bunch of friends coming from out a town.
4 Sa LE First American flag flew in Japan--1856 Jump over any troubles you come to today because they will be little.
5 Su LE We was mistook last month--dog days end now A letter with some amazing news is waiting fer you.
6 Mo VI Abner's dog Blue put us right on that Count you chickens after they air hatched and don't trust no future.
7 Tu VI First cold snap in Pine Ridge-- 1937 Keep on the good side of yore relates today.
8 We LI Lake George Battle fit-- 1755 Heal good friends will help you out of some kind of trouble.
9 Th LI First air mail-- 1911 You will be happy married if you perpose today.
10 Fr LI Perry licked British fleet--1813 A big trip is coming.
11 Sa SC Day after Perry licked British -- 1813 Not a good day to hesitate before you make decisions.
12 Su SC Columbus got back to Spain--1504 Some little troubles will come your way today but nothing of importance.
13 Mo SA France and England declare war on Austria-- 1914 Only good luck is in sight, so work at business hard today.
14 Tu SA Gandhi and Birtish declare truce--1933 We can see a little mess of troubles fer you but they will clear up.
15 We SA Day to hunt squirrels-- 1937 Home is the place fer you to find happiness today.
16 Th CAP Harvard celebrates 300th birthday--1936 A enemy will cause you some trouble, maybe, or maybe he wont.
17 Fr CAP U.S. Constitution writ--1787 Take what profits vou can today. You earned em.
18 Sa AQ Start of panic in 1873 You will get into a flirtations today.
19 Su AQ Sheridan wins battle--1864 Only sucksess is in sight fer today.
20 Mo PI Germans battle Paris-- 1870 Use your head fer thinking, and those, trouble's today will disappear.
21 Tu PI Band practice day, Pine Ridge--1936 The same advice goes fer today.
22 We PI Just about equinox tune now Ever thing today pints toward happiness and a lot of good luck.
23 Th AR Big gale hit New England--1815 Look in your mail fer a letter from a old friend you aint heard from in a long time.
24 Fr AR Light frost here and also other places Leave speculations alone today, and pay strict attention to business.
25 Sa AR Concord, Mass., bank robbed of $300.000--1865 Make ocean or crik viages today if you can.
26 Su AR Herbie Hoover laid P.O. Dept. cornerstone--1932 Elder fokes are trying to help you out.
27 Mo GE Gen. Bragg died-- 1877 No trouble should be spared being kind to yore friends today.
28 Tu GE Battle of Marathon--B.C. 490 Use yore judgment about today. We can't figger hit out.
29 We SC Michaelmas--1937 or some other year There is good fortune in store for you.
30 Th SC Uh-huh. Thirty days hath September Some nice present will be coming. Probly by parcels post.