5th Month

MAY 1936


31 Days

Taurus, the bull, is the sign for May. This feller isn't the bull in the china shop, nor he aint the Bull of Bashan, nor the Bull of the Woods, nor a policeman, nor a critter you can use for beef. The stars say folks born this month ought to look out for colds and not eat too heavy.

Date Day Moon Signs Today in History or Thereabouts Birthday Predictions and Observations
1 Fr TA Dewey fit the Battle of Manila Bay--1898 Day that ought to he good for sea dogs.
2 Sa TA Abner finds first May flower--1936 Some poetical folks got born today.
3 Su VI British General Strike--1926 Good birthday for labor leaders and them that isn't.
4 Mo VI Seems like this is a peaceful day Women folks who are good pie bakers born today.
5 Tu LI S. P. Langley made first airplane--1896 Sky pilots pick out this as good birthday.
6 We LI George V made King of England--1910 Birth anniversary for folks who get crowned.
7 Th LI Lusitania torpedoed--1915 Not very good birthday unless you swim good.
8 Fr SC Battle fit at Palo Alto--1816 Witty folks and cartoonists have birthdays.
9 Sa SC Byrd flew over N. Pole--1926 Birthday for all lucky birds.
10 Su SA British bottle up Ostend--1918 Childrens born today have a good time corking things.
11 Mo SA Minnesota was made a state--1858 Fine birthday for all loyal gophers.
12 Tu CAP Anthony met Cleopatra--12 B.C. Day for great lovers. This might he Lum's birthday, he thinks.
13 We CAP Lithuania restored--1918 Folks named Kal vitas or Sharkey wave flags today.
14 Th AQ Kind of a wet day in Pine Ridge Devoted to folks who have mean dispositions.
15 Fr AQ Something must have happened today Maybe this is the birthday for memory experts.
16 Sa AQ Selective Draft Bill passed--1917 Folks born this day are apt to get caught in drafts.
17 Su PI Italy declares for war--1915 'Bout that time they started to raise the Duce.
18 Mo PI Dan'l Boone shot a bear--1773 Pioneer folks have their birthdays today.
19 Tu AR Soldier Bonus Bill passed--1924 Anniversary for all those that got bonuses comin'.
20 We AR Statuary dedicated to L. Edwards--1935 Public spirited citizens born this here day.
21 Th AR Red Cross founded--1811 Girl childrens born today will be good nurses.
22 Fr AR Southern ports open again--1865 Also good day to open port any year.
23 Sa GE Spring fever day--1936 Young folks will skip school.
24 Su GE Empire Day English folks celebrate today.
25 Mo CAN Ralph W. Emerson born--1803 Birthday for essayists and literary folks.
26 Tu CAN Day before yesterday, Brooklyn Bridge--1883 Childrens born today sometimes named Steve Brodie.
27 We LE Abner Peabody born Constables and store keepers have birthdays today.
28 Th LE U.S. troops take Cantigny--1918 Boys or girls, born today they is generally tough scrappers.
29 Fr LE Baron Munchausen born--1801 Birthday fer natteral born truth stretchers.
30 Sa LI Memorial Day Honoring our able warriors. Heroes birthday. Tuffy Goff (Abner Peabody), born today.
31 Su LI Johnstown flood--1889 Tomorrow's probably a better day to be borned.