4th Month

APRIL 1936


30 Days

Just like the feller that heads any flock of sheeps, folks born this month can't be pushed and they generally gets their own way. According to our investigator, Prof. Lum Edwards, the Ram is the sign for April. Folks that have this for a sign are very thoughty, and usually get places in spite of how many fences they have to jump.

Date Day moon signs Today in History or Thereabouts Birthday Predictions and Observations
1 We CAN All Fools Day Folks born today will push over corn cribs.
2 Th CAN U.S. mint established--1702 Fellers who know how to make dollars born today.
3 Fr LE Richmond evacuated--1865 Engineers and travelers born today.
4 Sa LE Chile and Peru got mad--1870 Birthday for people with red headed dispositions.
5 Su VI Palm Sunday. Plague hit London--1665 Birthday for natteral born pests.
6 Mo VI U. S. told Germany, "Let's fight dad burn ye."-- 1917 Born today-- patriots and champions.
7 Tu VI Yesterday, Admiral Peary found North Pole--1909 We was too busy declarin' war on line above to include it.
8 We LI P.T . Barnum died--1891 Last parade for the feller that invented elephants and circuses.
9 Th LI Dawes report on war debt--1924 Celebration day for folks who don't pay war debts.
10 Fr SC Good Friday. Big battle at Verdun--1916 Folks who think war is fun are referred to Gen. Sherman.
11 Sa SC Queen Anne war quit--1713 Birthday for folks who give up the battle.
12 Su SC Easter Sunday Celebrated with colored hen fruit.
13 Mo SA Thomas Jefferson born--1743 One feller born today got to be U. S. President.
14 Tu SA Abraham Lincoln assassinated--1865 Untimely end for a great statesman.
15 We CAP Steamer Titanic hit iceberg--1912 Poor day to start ocean voyages.
16 Th CAP Hawaii annexed to U.S.--1897 Birthday for folks who eat pineapple and play ukuleles.
17 Fr AQ Big battle at Verdun--1916--'nother one. Why must there be war?
18 Sa AQ Big shakedown in San Francisco--1906 Birthday for folks who call earthquakes fires.
19 Su PI British licked at Lexington--1775 Todays folks get mad when they see red.
20 Mo PI Holland recognized U.S.--1782 Proving that the Dutch are smart folks.
21 Tu AR Marines landed in Vera Cruz--1914 Birthday for leathernecks.
22 We AR Oklahoma opened to settlers--1889 Birthdays for folks who settle land, stomachs or hash.
23 Th AR Stephen A. Douglas born--1813 Folks born today grow up to be orators.
21 Fr AR War declared on Spain--1898 Childrens today will start ruckuses.
25 Sa GE New Orleans captured--1862 Birthday for those fellers who favor big enterprises.
26 Su GE Southern Memorial Day Day set aside to honor men who wore the grey.
27 Mo GE Gen. U. S. Grant born--1822 Folks born today don't like to be pushed.
28 Tu CAN Mutiny on the Bounty--1789 This was the real thing-- not the movie.
29 We CAN M ississippi floods big section--1927 No good as birthday--unless you like living on a raft.
30 Th LE Zeppelins bomb Suffolk--1915 Your wife, if born today, likes to throw things.