JANUARY: Look over rakes and things. Fix 'em if need be. Not too early some places to spread fertilizer on garden. If the soil is acid, rake in a pound of lime for every six square feet.

FEBRUARY: Month for plantin' indoor seed-beds so things will get grown ahead of summer drought. Head off San Jose scale in the fruit orchard by spraying with lime sulphur.

MARCH: Month to plow and harrow if ground is dry. Transplant seedlings to cold frames to harden up. St. Patrick's day, March 17, is day to plant early potatoes. Garden truck, onions, early beets and such can be planted late this month in warmer parts of the country.

APRIL: When apple trees are in bloom, get in the pumpkins, cucumbers, okra and melons. When pear and peach trees bloom, get in carrots, kale, parsnips, chard, wrinkled peas, tomatoes and medium strong plants.

MAY: Tender plants can be got in now. For worms in the currant and gooseberry bushes, shoot with white hellebore--four ounces to a pail of water.

JUNE: Keep the lawn sprinkled this month, and use the cut grass for strawberry mulch. Get any droopy vines up off the ground. Bugs and worms fight like ned this month.

When to Plant
Abner Peabody

JULY: Don't let too much fruit gel on one tree. If it grows too thick, thin it out. Dry sulphur will head off the mildew that you might get on the grapes this month. Fer the rest of the time, you're going to be dad blamed busy.

AUGUST: About the last chance you'll get this season to plant late beets, carrots, beans and spinach. Nitrate of soda, used with late crops, will make 'em hustle up and grow before frost.

SEPTEMBER: Start blanching the celery by hoeing the earth up around it. Late potatoes should be dug, seeds will ripen, so be ready to catch em. You ought to have your cellar and the storage bins cleaned out good.

OCTOBER: Take up everything that isn't sup­posed to stay in ground over winter. Plant some lettuce in a cold frame for Christmas. If front threatens, cover up whatever plants you want to save with burlaps.

NOVEMBER: This is a good time to tot up what you raised this year and what you're going to raise next.

DECEMBER: This is the month you can sit back and get ready to start all over again next month.