How We Come to Write a Almanac:

by Lum and Abner


Here we are, all ready to introduce you to Lum and Abner's almanac. As we look in on Pine Ridge we find that the two old fellows have been very busy getting this book ready, and now they're going to tell you how they came to do it ... LISTEN!

WE was tryin to think up sompin to sorter advertise our Jot Em Down Store so we figgered long as we was about it we might as well get up somthin' useful. About the usefillest thing we could think of was a almanac. Heap of fokes puts a sight of dependence in the signs of the zodiac and theres some that wouldn't think of plantin crops, butcherin or goin fishin till they looked up to see if the "signs" was right. . . . Generally speakin, them that goes by em has the best sucksess so we're gettin thisen out in a spirit of helpfulness. We first thought we'd write the whole shebang ourselves but knowin different fokes here in the community that's sorter specialists in different lines we decided to go a little futher than the ordianary run of almanacs and have different departments with all sorts of information and get them to give you all the benefit of their knowledge.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the different ones for their contributions and to you for sendin in for a copy of our almanac. . . . We hope you will find it useful and keep it around the house for future reference. We would also appreciate it a lot if you'll tell your friends about it so they can send in for one.